SHAPES AVAILABLE


                                  SIZING GUIDE INSTRUCTIONS

                                How to Measure your nails
                                                      STEP 1
                       Use a piece of tape and place it over your nail.
                             Push into the corners of the nail.
                      (This can also be done with a measuring tape)
                                                    STEP 2
         Using a pen make a line on each side of the nail at the widest points.
                                                     STEP 3
               Remove the tape and measure between the lines in mm.
                                                  STEP 4
                                  Match up your sizes

                     Shapes & Sizes available
Long Coffin Nails    0-9  (Measurements above)
Short Coffin Nails   0- 9   (Measurements above)
Long Ballerina       0 – 9   (Measurements above)
Medium Square       0 – 9  (Measurements down below)
      0.   20 mm 
  1.   18 mm
  2.   16 mm-17 mm
  3.   16 mm
  4.   14 mm
  5.   13 mm-14 mm
  6.   12 mm
  7.   11 mm
  8.   10 mm
  9.   8 mm
Short Oval / Round    0 – 9  (Measurements down below)
      0.   16 mm
  1.    14 mm
  2.    13 mm
  3.    12 mm
  4.    11 mm
  5.    11 mm-12 mm
  6.    10 mm
  7.    9 mm
  8.    8 mm
  9.    7 mm

If you are still unsure about your sizes please purchase a sizing kit, Be sure to include the shape you like in the note section when checking out, once you receive your sizing kit, add your sizes and shape to the note section at the time of your chosen nail design order. You can also Message us your sizes Via email or you can DM us on Instagram or Facebook to let us know your sizes.

Please be sure to measure correctly. We are NOT responsible if wrong nail shape or size is ordered. 

We do NOT do returns or exchanges due to sanitary reasons. 

Any other questions please feel free to contact us.