How to Remove your Press On Nails


Ready to take off your Press On Nails?


The Video Shows 2 options and Items Used.

These nails are totally safe but if you rip them off with nail glue still adhering you will damage your natural nails. 

If you use nail glue, it will eventually wear off and the nail will pop off.

If they are loose and need a little help, simply (option 1) soak them in warm water for 15 minutes or as needed. If you feel any painful resistance you should stop immediately. Do not pull them off!

If there are some nails that will not come off, you can also soak them in acetone (option 2) but Just Note that if you choose to use acetone,(the acetone will melt off the Press On Nails) Press on nails will be permanently ruined.

Items Used in case you missed those :) 

 -100% Acetone- Walmart

-Nail Soaking Tray- Amazon

-Finger Nail Clippers- Amazon

- Nail File- Beauty Supply Store

-Glass Bowl with warm water- soak for 15 minutes or as needed.