How to Apply your Press On Nails


How long will your Press On Nails last?

How long your Press On Nails will last will all depend on several things

  • How you prep your nails before applying
  • How you apply them
  • What glue you use, and
  • How well you care for them. 

Our Nails can be worn multiple times in fact we recommend you to take good care of them, have fun and mix and match sets.

Most sets can be worn for up to 3 weeks. ( note: You might have to re-glue if any nails come off) 

How to Apply

Before applying,

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Buff your natural nails, and also push back your cuticle,  if desired buff the inside of your Press On Nail for a longer lasting results.
  3. Wipe your nails down with alcohol,making sure they are fully dry. 
  4. Nail glue,or Nail adhesive tabs will only stick to dry and oil free nails
  5. Apply a drop of nail glue to your natural nail, spread without getting close to your surrounding skin. depending on how many drops you apply  may determine how long they will stay on. 
  6. Put the Press On Nail on and hold it down for five to ten seconds
  7. Repeat for all other 9 nails. 
  8. After you apply your press on nails, DO NOT wash your hands for at least 20 minutes.
  9.  If one pops off you can just re-apply it within seconds without having to run back to the salon, sometimes it's hard to apply the same amount of glue to every single nail and that might be the reason why one might pop off (you can just re-glue it).

         10. You are all DONE!

                            Enjoy your Press On Nails!


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